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Building a Gunite Pool Pool Renovation
Building an inground gunite pool requires several skilled contractors. Step One begins with the contractors laying out the shape, size and location of the pool in your yard. Large equipment is needed to dig the hold for the pool so it may be necessary to remove stumps or trees to allow access for the equipment.

The contractor will lay steel rebar in a grid like pattern on the inside of the pool, creating a mesh like skeleton of steel. The size and spacing of the "grid" will vary based on soil conditions.The gunite contactor will cover all openings of the pool, skimmer, main drain and inlets then applies several layers of gunite behind and covering the metal grid. The gunite is applied by a spray hose and requires skill and precision to apply.

Once the pool has the desired amount of gunite sprayed on, it's time for the coping to be attached. The coping is installed by a contractor, it is the top cap and a decorative piece of the pool. Once this is done it's important the the gunite "cures" for the next five to seven days.
Does your pool look like this? Are you considering filling in your pool? Give Prestige Pools, inc. a call, we've been known to work miracles. It's amazing what a new deck and tile job can do to your old concrete or gunite pool.

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